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Our final wedding of the first season of 2017 was such a memorable one.  We flew up to PE and joined Yonela & Nodidi at the beautiful Lake de la Vie for our first African wedding.  We have never been a part of such an emotional and stirring day.  The families almost competed in rejoicing at the ceremony before Nodidi arrived and we were covered in goosebumps! 

The chemistry that these two share is AMAZING ... their body language, the way they hold each other, everything about them lends itself to beautiful photos and their couple shoot was one of our all time favourites (I had to start this post with their couple shoot!).  We could spend hours and hours photographing them and I think we were all disappointed when we realised we had to return for the reception ... but what a reception!  I'm not sure if it was the case but it just seemed as though their friends and family just leapt out of their chairs and started worshiping!  It was an amazing experience and we will never forget the atmosphere in the room that night. 

Thank you for allowing us to share in your wonderful celebration!  It was an honour for us and will not be soon forgotten! 

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