Ryan "Pepe" Peterson joined Boston Primary in standard 4, I think it was standard 4 ... this is 20 years ago!  As far as I can remember, we become friends pretty much as soon as he arrived.  We were both into sports and particularly cricket.  I have had a few shoots with friends from my past but as I hadn't seen Ryan in about 10 years, this one was a special one.

Luckily with facebook, we have both been keeping up with each others lives and not long ago, Ryan asked me about my wedding packages.  I love everything about photography, finding the right locations, choosing the setting, watching couples slowly start to loosen up and enjoy being in front of camera, reviewing and editing the photos when I get home ... all of it!  But the best part must be the people we meet and the people we have reconnected with.

We had such a great time with you two and the big day is going to be one to remember.  We feel very privileged to be involved.