Eastern Cape St Francis Wedding Dress

I don't even know where to start in describing their day. We first met up with Jess in CT to chat about her wedding day. She told us about her plan to host over 200 guests in her family holiday home in St. Francis. When we drove home that night I told Krystle that their wedding was going to be a special one.

We then met up with Jess and her family in December to have a little scout and wowee, what an unbelievable spot for a house ... never mind a wedding! What an idea to host that amount of guests in your home and as Jess's dad mentioned, they are not the outsourcing type.

The attention to detail for an event that large was incredible. Jess looked like something straight out of a Vogue magazine! She could not have chosen a better dress and my word did she pull it off!

After a beautiful ceremony in a small church right up the road, they then had the biggest party we have ever witnessed at a wedding. When they signalled for their guests to join them on the dance floor they were literally swamped!

As with all weddings we shoot, the best part of the day wasn't the unbelievable venue, the superb food, the perfect wine selections, the brilliant singer ... it was their guests. The way their friends and family all had a share in making it the most wonderful celebration will stay with us forever.

Thank you for allowing us to share in the best wedding day St. Francis will ever see. It was truly an epic day.

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