Justin and Maria got married in a beautiful, traditional church in their little village of Mandria, in Cyprus.  It was a Greek orthodox wedding which was a new and fascinating experience for me.  Trying to summarise the ceremony into one post is difficult as there is so much detail, but hopefully I can give you some insight.

I flew out to Cyprus on the Wednesday before the wedding and as soon as I landed it was full on wedding mode.  We went to see the venue for the reception on the day I arrived and I was blown away.  It was held at the Secret Valley golf course and it is an absolutely breathtaking venue. 

I have known Justin and his family since primary school which made the wedding so special for me.  Knowing his family so well added a different dimension to the day.  It was even more special for me when I got home and started working on the images. 

Justin and Maria make such a special couple.  They seem to balance each other so beautifully.  You both looked incredible and Krystle and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the two of you.  

Maria had her makeup done in a salon which was a new experience for me.  The bonus being the lovely even light! 


When Maria's makeup was finished I said, "your eyes look amazing!".  She then told me she wanted her eyes be like "woah! bang!"  


Justin and Maria rather emotional seeing each other for the first time on the day, just outside the church. 



It was at least 30 degrees in the church so there was no hesitation here ... 



Look at these rock stars! 



It really is a secret valley...



Maria looking classically beeeautiful!  


Mr and Mrs De Jager with their special little boy, Daniel. 



After Justin and Maria opened the dance floor we were treated to some traditional Cypriot dancing.



Then the party really got started! 



This little guy loved the camera ... 



No groom has ever danced harder or better ... 



My favourite one