Cape Town city always provides a unique and different backdrop.  No two streets are the same and you don't have to venture far to find an interesting spot.  We started De Kock & Johel's shoot at the Truth Coffee shop and after De Kock had about 10 coffees we explored the surrounding streets.  

The coffee shop itself is a really unique spot with some properly funky waiters, which seemed to set the theme for the shoot.  We found some cool graffiti art and a colourful building which reminded us of Amsterdam.  De Kock & Johel were a lot of fun to shoot with.  The whole shoot seemed so relaxed and laid back.  They were so affectionate with one another and were up for anything.

Their big day is in April next year and we can't wait.  You guys have so much to look forward to, especially Johel moving back to Cape Town.