Joanne contacted us from Australia and asked about a couple shoot.  She found us on instagram, which is pretty exciting. She wanted a couple shoot as she was bringing her boyfriend to SA for the first time.  Not long after that, Mark (the boyfriend) got in touch and things changed rather drastically.  

Mark had booked a lodge at the wonderful Delaire Graff in Stellenbosch and together with their staff, he arranged a secret proposal.  On the big day, one of the staff members took me up to an amazing viewpoint where they had laid out a beautiful picnic.  I was then to hide behind the bushes and wait for Mark and Joanne to be brought up.

I was instructed to wait for Mark to give Joanne an envelope and then to try and capture everything.  I found what seamed to be a good hiding spot and watched it all unfold in front of me.  I couldn't have been more nervous, but I managed to find the perfect spot with the perfect angle to capture it all.

What an unbelievable experience!

Jo spotted me after Mark told her:  "Matthew is somewhere over there ..."