I must have met Anouschka (mom) when I was around 10 years old.  She is the step sister of my best friend so I saw her grow up.  I was super excited when she contacted me about a shoot for her beautiful little newborn, Anais.  Anais is soo tiny and the cutest little baba!  The older brother JD, who might be the most handsome boy I've ever seen, was such a treat on the day.  I had my camera around his neck and we took a few cool photos together, including one very cool one which I posted below. 


Congratulations again on your beautiful little girl!  I'm sure she is going to bring you years and years of happiness! 


One of my all time favourite photos!  


Such a little beauty! 




SUPER handsome big brother!  I had such a great time with him.  I got him to take a few photos of his own :)

What a beautiful family you have, Noutie! 

This is a photo JD took with me! :)